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Audiovisual support is the most effective advertising medium for most products around the world today. Despite this, it is amazing that the modelling community still basis advertising on paper through magazines and flyers (promotional brochures or just pages). A major part of this problem is that there are not adequate contexts for modelling because Television and Cinema are still too expensive for this limited market. But now everything can change because there is finally a strong company managed by modelling experts whom can undertake everything that you cannot do yourself due to limited time.

Night Vision can do absolutely everything required for augentropfen für trockene augen your company offering you the best advertising solution along with a premier selling product. Just tell us your idea, concept and which product you want promoted and we will provide you with the rest, receive This includes the music creation, recording, editing, manufacturing, designing and the most important, assembling and using the products you want demonstrated on your DVD.

Paint, tools, plastic kits, accessories and more will be used, assembled and painted by famous modellers making your product even more appealing. The power of the image is similar to the impact of Television or the Cinema and that it can improve your sales giving you a strong edge over your competitors. Please take a look at some of our basic services. You will find all kinds of products, applications and advertising supports adapted to any economy and all company sizes.

Master services

It is a service that any company can use to support their products. This DVD can also be used as a product for sale alone. We can create a DVD using your products demonstrating proper usage to customers or just simply making them more attractive while providing extra information.

The Night Vision team will record the whole movie in compliance with your goals designing the entire DVD to your company style and appearance. We will adapt your price in accordance to the projects complexity but, don’t forget that even if this product is complementary, you can always recover your investment thru DVD sales. The minimum quantity of DVDs that we can produce for you is 1000 units.


Companies related to each Night Vision Chapter can add their advertising inside the footage on the DVD. Our standard DVD series will include the most popular subjects and techniques guaranteeing high sales while minimizing costs for your company. We can use your kit as the focus of a DVD along with your paints, tools and any other products if it fits our theme. Furthermore, you can add advertising spots for your company or products in the same way you would on a page in any magazine. We can create this SPOT showing the products important to you.

We can provide you:

1) -60 minute DVD, English narration plus editing, music, design and four page booklet

2) -Short DVD for promotional purposes, English narration plus music and design

3) -Short DVD FOR promotional purposes, English narration plus music and design

Other languages, also available

SPOTS (Made under Night Vision)

4) - 30 seconds spot.
5) - 60 seconds spot.
6) - Sponsor (your company logo showed in each chapter)
7) - Advertising Documental max. 8 minutes


8) - Use of your product in one Night Vision DVD (Tools, kits, paints)
9) - Graphic Company Logo sponsoring the DVD
10) - Permanent Banner in our web site

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